Single-use injection needles, sterile

Our Company continues to develop in-house manufacturing of a single-use injection needles and its applications. This production provides a three-level laser sharpening, as well as special control sensors, designed for optimization of technological processes in manufactured products.

   Injection needles are intended for the introduction of solutions of drugs, blood sampling from a vein or artery, blood transfusion. They are used with syringes, as well as systems for transfusion of liquids or blood. An injection needle is a narrow metal tube made of certain grades of steel, one end of which is cut and sharpened, and the other is tightly attached to a short metal sleeve for connection to a syringe or elastic tube.

The main significant parameters of the needle are length, outer diameter, sharpening angle and puncture force. The needles are of different lengths (from 16 to 90 mm) and diameters (from 0.4 to 2 mm):

  • For intradermal injection, a needle 16 mm long and 0,4 mm in diameter is used
  • For subcutaneous injection, a needle 25-30 mm long and 0,6 mm in diameter is used
  • For intravenous injection, a needle 40 mm long and 0,7-0,8 mm in diameter is used
  • For intramuscular injection, a needle 50 mm long, 0,7-0,8 mm in diameter is used

Single-use injection needles, sterile according to TU 32.50.13-001-74017482-2018

Injection needles are designed for the administration of drug solutions, blood sampling from a vein or artery, blood transfusion


  • The needles are available in various lengths (12 to 50 mm) and diameters (0,3 to 1,6 mm)
  • The tip of the needle is sharpened in 3 planes (laser three-level sharpening), which ensures the predominance of the piercing effect over the cutting effect when puncturing tissues
  • Minimum puncture force
  • Longitudinal bending resistance (elasticity)
  • Strength, stability of connections with a syringe
  • Minimum roughness of the outer surface and sharpening area
  • The color coding of the needles complies with the requirements of GOST ISO 6009-2013
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