В преддверии 2022 года, ООО «МПК «Елец» второй раз удостоилась звания «ЛИДЕР ОТРАСЛИ 2021». Награда «ЛИДЕР ОТРАСЛИ 2021» присваивается исключительно Лучшим предприятиям России по результатам ранжирования в разрезе их экономического вида деятельности. Она отображает лидирующую позицию ООО «МПК «Елец» на рынке России, подчеркивает высокий статус, надежность и заслуженный авторитет предприятия. Символом данного награждения в этом году являются Уральские горы, так как это неоспоримый символ величия, монументальности, надежности, первенства и высоких достижений, а также один из самых ярких символов России

Medical Devices Manufacturer «Yelets, LLC»


Игл инъекционных
Infusion devices for blood substitutes and infusion solutions (IV’s)
Blood transfusion devices

Light protection systems and light protection syringes
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These products are intended for the introduction of light-sensitive solutions, guaranteeing increased safety of medical personnel and improved treatment of patients

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Manufacturing of syringes and needles according to modern technologies and standards

Use of advanced and reliable equipment

We use the best imported raw materials to ensure the highest quality of the final product

Affordable pricing structure for the entire list of products

The variety of our product line has no analogues in the domestic market and abroad

Our Company

 is a leading and the largest manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of single-use injection syringes with needles, devices for infusion of blood substitutes and infusion solutions PR 23-05 and polymer devices for blood transfusion PK 23-05, as well as sterile needles and non-sterile injectable single use needles

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Our product line

We manufacture two-piece and three-piece disposable syringes, as well as IV polymer devices for infusion of blood substitutes and single-use infusion solutions sterile PR 23-05 - «MPC «Yelets» with injection needles and polymer devices for blood transfusion, blood substitutes and single-use infusion solutions sterile PK 23-05 - «MPC «Yelets» with injection needles


Our manufacturing facilities and processes are strictly managed by the latest quality control procedures to guarantee compliance of products with the necessary technical and safety requirements. We strive to work with end-use costumers directly in order to quickly meet the needs of medical institutions and practitioners and supply right products and requested quantities volumes


You can see the current list of manufactured products that are available and can be easily purchased. Our sales department will help you quickly choose the right product for your needs and place an order

Locations of our clients


We do not stop at the achieved results and are constantly improving our production processes and quality. We are always trying to improve the quality of our products and implement most innovative manufacturing technologies. Every working day is another step towards a new goal. Working with us each customer can count on an individual approach, detailed technical knowledge of the requirements and fulfillment of the placed orders in the shortest possible time

Medical Devices Manufacturer «Yelets, LLC»

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Leading Russian manufacturer of syringes, systems and needles

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